Ep.130 Manga Vs. Anime

Join us for another slow week of entertainment as we go over some interesting things and ask the question of what is the preference when it comes to manga vs anime and which one do you prefer, or is it both.

Ep.124 Unleash the Dragon

Join us for a brand new episode as we discuss what Nintendo has cooking in the kitchen and what potential movie we may get next year. This week we bring back the glorious Otaku Spot as we discuss last week’s episode of Dragonball Super.

Ep.123 I Stand Alone

On this episode of ATG Warren tries to bring his best on Around The Geek’s first ever solo episode. Listen in as he talks about the free games for Playstation and Xbox as well as the new Gaming Disorder. 

Ep.122 The Best of 2017

Join us for our annual best of episode as we go over everything that we watched and played in 2017 . In this episode we will go over video games, movies and music of 2017 and give you our top 5 for each category.