Ep 177 Going Berserk for Manga

Join us on yet another adventure as Dior finally catches up on the one piece manga. We go over the June PlayStation state of play and talk about the current state of the berserk manga and more. 

Ep 176 Slavin For Gamestop

Join me and Dior this week as we talk about his adventures reading the one piece manga and go over various topics such as hunter x hunter coming back, modern warfare 2 and GameStop labor laws being broken.

Ep 175 The many faces of change

Join us for our 175th episode of around the geek as we bring you all the latest geek news and some laughs as we do it. In this episode we talk about the new upcoming actor being casted as the doctor.


Ep 174 Raining Hammers of Thor

Me and Dior are back as we bring you the juice and all this marvel goodness this week. We go over the new xenonoblade 3 trailer and talk about the new Thor love and thunder trailer, also answering fan questions. 

Ep 173 Golden era of one piece

This week we have all the good one piece info hitting our shores this week. Me and Dior go over his time reading one piece and why it is just so good. Also the spring anime list and what you should be watching.

Ep 172 Dry News

This week was very slow, but we still find the time to talk about all the new trailers that are coming out including MS marvel, sonic 2, the boys season 3 and more. Make sure that you subscribe and follow us on apple podcast.


Jump Around Ep 1

Jump around is all about manga from Shonen jump and us giving you are thoughts on the weekly manga and the current series of manga. Listen to me and Dior rant about our favorite stories and all the new manga that Shonen jump is giving you.

Ep 171 State of Playz

This week on the around the geek podcast, me and Dior go over the PlayStation state of play and talk about all the new games that are coming and what we are most excited for.

Ep 170 Anime God Fusion

Terrell and Dior are back for a new episode as we discuss the big merger of funimation and Crunchyroll in to one unified app. This week we have a assortment of different things to talk about in the news this week as well.