Ep 153 Worlds Greatest Hero

This week we have a ton of brand news to deliver, give you are extensive watched and played for the week, and tell you what we are looking forward to as we get halfway thru 2019. Main topic with spoilers will  be Spider Man Far From Home.

Ep 152 Geeks of Darkness

This week we bring you the latest fresh news on another slow week, we will be discussing the mmo Final Fantasy 14 and all of its time sucking glory. Avengers Endgame, My Hero Academia, and Spider-Man content will also be discussed. 

Ep 151 E3 2019 ATG style

Join us as we give you the best coverage on this past E3 and give you our honest opinions and what we are the most excited about. There are a lot of games still coming out in 2019 and lets hope we still have money by 2020.

Ep 150 Road to E3 2019

Join us as we enter a new era and finally reach our 150th episode. This week, Warren is back to talk about his missing exploits over the last 2 weeks, then we get into the latest news, talk about the new Nintendo direct, and more. This weeks topic, is predictions and what if’s of what is coming to E3 next week.

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Ep.146 Far from Thrones

Join us for another week as we slowly but surely become a Game of Thrones podcast. This week we get into the new Spider Man far from home trailer and talk about the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

Ep.145 The Spoiler Episode

Two of the biggest battles that has graced the screens has finally happened. Join us on this episode as we spoil Game of Thrones episode 3 and Avengers: Endgame.  The Avengers spoiler talk starts at the 55 minute mark.

Ep.144 The Endgame of Winters

This week we are back and this time with no news and plenty of “Game of Thrones”, MCU talk, and “Avengers: Endgame” predictions. Let us know what your predictions or reactions to on these topics and we will discuss them on the next episode!