Ep.145 The Spoiler Episode

Two of the biggest battles that has graced the screens has finally happened. Join us on this episode as we spoil Game of Thrones episode 3 and Avengers: Endgame.  The Avengers spoiler talk starts at the 55 minute mark.

Ep.144 The Endgame of Winters

This week we are back and this time with no news and plenty of “Game of Thrones”, MCU talk, and “Avengers: Endgame” predictions. Let us know what your predictions or reactions to on these topics and we will discuss them on the next episode!

Ep.143 Tumbleweeds

On this episode, with the one of the slowest news week in history, we manage to pull out some new Star Wars information. We talk about the new trailer for the upcoming movie and video game coming out. We also give some thoughts on Disney + and the eagerly awaited PSN name change feature. Main Topic for this episode we go over the plan for the new manga podcast that we have coming! Tune In.

Ep.142 Shazam !!!!!!

Welcome back as we have a slow news week and discuss how Avengers Endgame broke the internet! This week we discuss Shazam and go full spoiler talk on the movie.  

Ep.141 Sad State of Affairs

This week, on Around the Geek, we get into discussions about the new Borderlands 3 trailer,new Apple Gaming service,  the new Sega mini and more. The main topic for this episode we go over the upcoming titles for 2019 and decide what we are looking forward to playing.