Ep.112 A Tale of 3 Peters

Join us for a brand new episode of Around The Geek as we get ready for the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming. This week we are talking about our views on the previous actors of the Spider-Man franchise and where it will go going forward.

Ep.111 E3 2017 Enter the Hype Dragon

Welcome to the 2017 E3 coverage from Around the Geek as we bring you our superb review on the 2017 E3 event. Listen as we go thru each conference from this year and give you our opinions on what is coming out in the near future. Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Ep. 23 What’s an RPG?

In this episode Warren is joined by Jake and Eric to talk about Minecraft physical release for PS3, Sony selling Square-Enix shares, Snoop Dogg in COD, Professor suspended for Game of Thrones shirt and more. There is no Comic Corner this week. This weeks main topic surrounds the Evolution of RPGs from pen and paper to virtual.

Ep. 21 Final Justice!!

Join the guys as they talk about the patent  war between Samsung and Apple, Predator in the next Call of Duty DLC, Phil Spenser as the new head of Xbox, type C USB drives, more external storage coming to the XB1, Star Wars starting to film and more. This weeks main topic we are spoiling Captain America for you, enough said.

Ep. 20 Welcome to the Redline

This week the guys talk about the new TMNT movie trailer, Last of Us coming to the PS4, Microsoft office coming to the iPad, Facebook buying the Oculus, Spider Man 2099 coming back, Batman 75th anniversary and more. This week in the Otaku spot we discuss the anime movie Redline.

Ep.19 Can You Dig It?

This week the guys talk about Twitter being banned in Turkey, Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer, Walmart selling used games, Hugh Jackman back for Wolverine 3, Fantastic 4 sequel release dates announced, and more. The main topic of this week we talk about the 1979 cult classic The Warriors.