Videogames Live: The Experience

A few weeks ago I went to the Videogames Live concert and I have to say this concert was amazing. As with any concert nothing is better than to hear your favorite songs played live. It even added a light show to boot.  But lets start at the beginning, we arrived early to get to take pictures and enter the Guitar Hero tournament, which we did not win but it was fun. The winner got to go on stage in front of the entire audience and play The Pretender on GH3. The actual winner was a kid in a Ness costume and he rocked the house. On top of performing in front of an audience he scored over 400,000 points and won free gifts courtesy of Videogames Live.

During the concert they played Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts, One-Winged Angel from FFVII, Sonic, a Tetris Opera, the Skyrim theme, World of Warcraft, Journey, Portal, Chrono Trigger, Time’s Scar from Chrono Cross, God of War theme, Halo theme, FFVI theme,  Metal Gear Solid 2 theme, Castlevania theme, and the Silent Hill 2 theme.  My favorite theme was the Skyrim theme. Its just something about that song that gets me pumped up and I personally can’t even get into Skyrim.  I’m not going to post every song on here for you guys to listen to but I will post a few so you can also enjoy the music as well if you have never heard it before.

Scar’s of Time had a slight variation to it and it caught me off guard because I was expecting everybody to step up the level towards the end and they didn’t. Its been a few days and I can now appreciate the effort they put into it. Another remix that I found more positive was the Tetris Opera. It really brought out the Russian feel about the song when you listen to it. That takes skill and some talent to pull off something of that caliber. The icing on the cake was when they played Still Alive. I have never heard this song before but the crowed was cheering loudly and forever clapping off beat. Seriously every time they wanted us to clap within 5 seconds they were already off beat. It never ceases to amaze me at all.

Since Ive been to both Distant Worlds and the Legend of Zelda concert its easy to find pros and cons with this concert. The other two concerts were very game specific so they could go further in depth with the music while Video Games Live normally only played main themes. Also there were times I didn’t know the songs being played, which of course I expected to happen.  On the upside though this made the crowd very diverse and well rounded. Even though it was mostly theme music being played they were able to touch ground with many of the songs that I liked over the years and introduce me to songs I haven’t heard before.

Overall though I enjoyed the concert and all the people that attended. It was a great memory to have. Passing out ATG cards, meeting new people, the lights from the show in my face most of the night. Well not that part,  having those lights in my face was pretty annoying. I do thoroughly enjoy going to these type of concerts. It really shows the true fans who appreciate not only the game but the music behind it.