Just as the title indicates, ip man (master of bruce lee) has done it again in there latest “IP MAN: FINAL FIGHT”.  It seems that these movies only seem to get better, and the last of this series of movies is a perfect send off and tribute to the life of ip man himself.

Now, to the action! Although the sammo hung and Donnie yuen combination make for a deadly one, I find myself quite refreshed seeing the different flows and pacing of the action choreography in chun chi li (RUSH HOUR, SHANGHAI NOON, DAY AFTER TOMORROW) and kwok lam sin(IP MAN, IP MAN 2) direction of the action sequences. The action seems to be more fluid and smooth in nature compared to the sharp fast rhythmic direction of sammo and Donnie.  Now it goes without saying that the fight choreography doesn’t miss a beat and will have you “oooohing” and “oooowwing” but it is graceful all at the same time.  No fast cuts needed as there were consultants and wing chun experts on set long takes and lots of dolly and panning methods where used here, leaving one to ponder how many takes did I take for them to get the perfect shot?  Insane… I know. But my young padawans these are masters of their craft at work.

The plot was solid, just a biopic of the life of ip man. Not much to ask, not much to complain about. But the setting seemed to be more interesting than the life of ip man.  1950’s hong kong makes for tear jerking life struggles and internal conflict within a lot of the characters. But the overall theme seems to be that of “loyalty”.

All in all I have found this movie to be extremely enjoyable. Plot was solid enough for me to enjoy but I wasn’t watching it much for the plot but for the action which I give high praise as all the ip man movies. I would absolutely recommend “IP MAN:FINAL FIGHT” to action movie junkies such as myself!


-Eric Stevenson