Pokemon Symphonic Evolution

This marks the fourth videogame concert I have attended and I have to say it was amazing. This time the concert was in DC at the Warner Theater and just the scenery and decor, once inside, was more upscale than the Meyerhoff  in Baltimore. The trade off though was there was a lot less space inside. This time I had Stevenson as the ride along companion and it was also his first time attending one of these concerts.

During the performance they played songs starting from the original pkmn games and ending at X and Y. The orchestra sounded fantastic during this performance. I could feel the energy of the stringed instruments and they sounded so clear, unlike the Videogames Live concert which sounded muffled. Not only did they remix the songs but they did a fantastic job capturing the intensity as well. The original battle theme sounded great. I’m finding it rather hard to put into words how amazing all the songs sounded.

My favorite due to a combination of nostalgia and Gold being my all time favorite Pokemon game was Battle with Red. The build up was soft but everyone knew what was coming, and as the song progressed so did the intensity. During the battle scenes you could see in the background the move effects. Such as if Pikachu used Thunder you could see a thunder animation in the background. Another favorite was the Battle with N. Since I never played Black and White this was my first time hearing this song and I was blown away by the overall quality. It really captured his presence and the goals he was reaching for. Of course at the end we all sang the song we all grew up on Gotta Catch Em’ All. Nostalgia at its finest indeed but that was not the icing on the cake. That special layering occurred when  they brought out Junichi Masuda. For those that don’t know who that is, this is the man who created all these wonderful soundtracks the we listen to when we play pokemon games. If that wasn’t enough he even conducted the final song which is the ending theme to X and Y.

Overall this concert was simply fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone who loves Pokemon and the music that gives it life. I would rank this #2. Final Fantasy Distant Worlds still wins overall but the Pokemon concert was definitely giving Distant Worlds a run for its money.