Handmade Middle-earth chess board was an epic Christmas present


In a world of 3D printers and countless free DIY tutorials, it has never been easier to make a gift for someone. If you’ve got the tools, and you’ve got something resembling the right materials, there are some truly incredible things you can do with very little prior knowledge thanks to the available resources. Like most things made by hand, however, the truly incredible projects are the result of countless hours spent practicing your craft. One perfect example of this is a chess set made by Kevin Myers. It’s a Lord of the Rings-themed Christmas present that his father is unlikely to ever forget.Kevin Myers spends much of his free time painting miniatures and playing several of the popular Games Workshop tabletop games. His collection of Blood Angels, Tau, Orcs, Tyranid, Skaven, and Necrons are just a fraction of the time spent learning how to paint the figures and mastering the gameplay elements of each race. His passion for painting models and playing the game to its fullest led him to custom creations, modifying characters so they stood out on tables or just creating models for play when Games Workshop hadn’t released one yet. As a result of this experience, Kevin was uniquely suited to craft this one of a kind chess set.Everything was done using off-the-shelf models from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit games. The models were all assembled and painted to be as faithful to the original color sets as possible, and then placed on the side of the board in accordance with their alignment.

Isildur and Gandalf take their places as king and queen of one side with hobbits as pawns, while Sauron and Ashûrz take the king and queen positions on the opposing side with goblins as pawns. The board itself was made entirely from spare parts from Kevin’s collection of building materials, which was then painted and filled in to give the board some depth and color.As far as one of a kind Christmas presents go, this set is nothing short of impressive. It’s a perfectly unique creation, ideal for any serious Tolkien fan out there.

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