Gaming Resolution: Update 2

Greetings ATG! After a slight delay I bring you another update of my Gaming Resolution.

With April looming in the close future I have really begun to feel the heat of getting my army painted in time. With that in mind I have been trying to really make some major progress on my warhammer army, but in order to do that I needed to finish my last commission piece, the Ghoul King. I am happy to report that after a day off I have finished my friend Jame’s Ghoul King, here he is in all his glory. Props to James for a subtle but effective conversion adding wings and the tombstone to the model, it really worked well.

Ghoul King

Ghoul King 2

In addition to painting this model I assembled 40 Skeletons. This may not sound like much of an achievement; however, all the interesting graveyard stuff came from careful planning and grabbing additional materials, to make the unit much more interesting. In addition, each model had to have mold lines, lines created during the molding process, carefully scraped away, so they didn’t show up during my painting. With 40 models, each multipart, there was a lot of scraping done (roughly 10 hours worth).

Skellies 2

One of my favorite things to do, as see in this unit, is add older models, such as the metal ones. I think they add some diversity to the unit. Below is probably my favorite addition, a slightly goofy looking skeleton necromancer raising additional troops from a pile of bones. (at least that was the concept lol).


Not to worry you video game fanatics, I did play some games.

I managed to clear a few more levels in Might and Magic, as detailed on the show.

I also got my ass kicked by Logan in a game of Sins of a Solar Empire, and began playing a one player game in an attempt to get better. I currently have logged about 11 hours into this game, but don’t feel I have played enough for a full review. I am enjoying it and have found it to be a compelling RTS.

While painting and working on my warhammer I have been watching several documentaries I checked out from the library (where I work). My favorites have been on the “Barbarians” during the Roman Period, attempting to examine the period from a barbarians perspective, demonstrating their diverse and complicated culture. In addition, I am about half way through a documentary on the crusades, both have really gotten me to think longingly about starting a Total War campaign; however, I really don’t want to lose sight on Might and Magic, we will see if I can keep strong.

Well that is it for this update, see you in about two weeks.

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