Gaming Resolution: Update 1

Greetings everyone! As promised here is an update of my progress towards my New Year’s Resolution.

First, I completed quite a bit of painting, finishing one of my two commission jobs I am currently working on.

The model is called a Terrorghiest, and is an undead giant Vampire Bat.


My friend who I painted this for wants his army in very natural tones and colors, hence the use of only browns, bone, and blood, minus the green tongue.

Onto my video game progress, other then playing a few online games of Ages of Empires II with friends, and playing a lot of Pokemon for the UUTC (a Pokemon tournament the PUCL Podcast is currently hosting), I began my play through of Might and Magic III: The Isle of Terra. This is an old school RPG from the day of DOS. It is turned based, where you delve through dungeons, towns, and the wilderness fighting a host of enemies. It is open world, meaning you can go where ever; however, with each creatures’ power determined ahead of time there is major danger in traveling too far, or too fast.

Currently I have cleared three wilderness zones, one dungeon, two towns, and two town dungeons. In the first town I faced off against the dreaded Rat Overlord, pictured below, of course by the time I reached him I was high enough level to soundly thrash him.


One annoying thing about travel is that many enemies inflict various status ailments, which is left unchecked can be crippling. I recently cleared the the third wilderness, which is filled with disembodied heads, which inflict insanity on the party.


The way insanity is pictured is pretty hysterical.

My party is currently between level 8 and 9; with me trying to find a new place to explore.

Finally, over the weekend I began playing The Evil Within, while my girlfriend watched. We both found the game to be intense and pretty frightening. While I have only played about two hours, only just receiving a gun, the palpable feeling of unease and horror was filled throughout.

The game is quite stylistic feeling like an mix of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The story gets pretty intense, pretty fast, and I am excited to see where it goes.

A final point in the game’s favor is an unusual degree of difficulty, with me dying over a dozen times in the early part of the game.

The game isn’t perfect, the initial “villain” is a pretty generic brute with a chainsaw, whose motions at times look pretty bad. However, despite this the chase he leads you on is quite uncomfortable and tense.

Well that is my first update of the year, please feel free to offer some comments and questions on the article to show me someone is reading :).

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