Gaming New Year’s Resolution

Greetings ATG fans, back from the dark depths of the aether it is me Jake!

With the beginning of the new year I always try to make a few New Year’s resolution centered around my gaming, I find it helps focus me throughout the year.


This year I have two gaming resolutions.

The first is centered around my main hobby, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, it is my goal to complete my secret Warhammer project by April to be unveiled at the Unplugged Grand Tournament, a large competition based in Connecticut. I have roughly about 140 models to paint between then and now, so hopefully I can do it.

My second resolution is that part I think the ATG fans will find more compelling.

Recently, I have been seriously contemplating buying a new gaming PC. The next gen systems don’t really appeal to me, RPGs and Strategy games are my favorite genres, so PC is the natural choice; however, when beginning to budget this decision I realized I still have over a dozen games I have barely touched, some of which are still in their wrappers.

Unplayed games sitting around collecting dust seemed like such a waste, I’m not the type of person to constantly buy new games only for many to not get played *cough* Terrell *Cough*, so I have made a decision, I vow not to buy any new games or systems (with a few exceptions Pokemon, Ages of Empire Expansions, Total War), until I have worked through a list of 15 games I have not beaten, and 5 series or games I want to replay.

I must beat, or put at least 10 hours, into all 15 games on this list, before buying any new games or electronic systems (with a few exceptions, new Pokemon, ect.).


The loose rules I am setting up is that the new games need to be beaten in some form, or have at least 10 hours of gameplay before they count as tried. There will be some wiggle room here as the goal is after all to have fun, if a game bores me, or really bad then it gets crossed off.

15 Games to Beat

1. Fatal Frame II
2. Might and Magic III
3. Might and Magic IV
4. Might and Magic V
5. Might and Magic VI
6. Kingdom Hearts I
7. Fire Emblem: Awakening
8. Final Fantasy 13: 2
9. Rome Total War II
10. Pokemon Conquest
11. The Evil Within
12. Panzer Corps
13. Sins of a Solar Empire
14. Any Heroes of Might and Magic Game (most likely 3)
15. Bayonetta

Replay List
1. Mass Effect 1-3
2. The Last of Us
3. Uncharted 2 and 3
4. Dead Space 1
5. Batman Arkham City

That is my list, there are a lot of older titles on there, some harkening back to the days of DOS :).

As part of this resolution I am also going to try to post more regularly on this site how many play through are going, and will definitely be posting reviews of the games once they get crossed off the list.

Until next time, I have been Jake!

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