Fleet Commander Drukain and The Hidden Dagger

Hi Around the Geek fans! Jake here with the first entry in a narrative warhammer campaign a group of friends and I are attempting to start. The general idea is that our warhammer games, rather then being one off battles, will tell a continued story, centered around the four of our struggles on the Vampire Coast of the jungle continent of Lustria.

The image below details to start of my leader, and his (hopefully) rise to glory on the vampire coast.

As a point of reference for those of you not warhammer players, Druchii is what the Dark Elves (evil elves) are called by themselves and other elves. The Asari are Wood Elves, a volatile woodland race of elves which have a close relationship with the powers of nature (played by another player).

Here is hoping that once we get together and have our first game that I have something good to report back to ATG fans!

Click the image below to get the full story for my character and his crew of raiders.

Drukain's Folly

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