Final Symphony

Fellow readers, Its been well over a year since I last wrote an article/review. Writers block is in fact a real thing apparently…who knew? Anyways I am back with a brand new review from an awesome concert….FINAL SYMPHONY.  Please note that to fully enjoy Final Symphony it is suggested that the listener has either played or seen someone play these games. I say that because it helps follow where the songs are going in relation to the game and there were no visuals this time around.

Final Symphony was by far the 2nd best concert I have ever attended. The first being Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Concert in 2011. For those that may have attended that concert, remember when we had the honor and pleasure of having the great composer Nobuo Uesmatsu personally show up and sing One-Winged Angel? No other concert could possibly top that. If you can think of one then stop right there and think about the choices you have made in life and I mean really ponder because clearly you made the wrong ones. Final Symphony was not just a regular concert it consisted of Movements which told the stories of Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy VII respectively. They did not play the songs in order of how they happened in the game but rather altered composure of the songs  to tell the overall story within each game

FFVI was, sadly, the only section of the concert I knew little about because I never played the game but thanks to Dissidia and Theatrhythm I was able to pick up some of the melodies. FFX was easier to follow the movements of the songs.  Again not played in chronological order but it was easy to feel the soothing passion of FFX so much so I nearly dozed off listening because FFX is similar to  a love ballad.

FFVII started off with Movement I: Nibelheim Incident a snippet of  “Those Chosen By the Planet” and from there my ears were filled with heavenly bliss and intrigue as to how this was going to play out.  It gave me goosebumps listening to this wonderful musical composition. The opening reminds me of FF:Crisis Core because this is the true birth of Sephiroth and this takes place before the events of FFVII but near the end of Crisis Core. Part 2: Words Drowned by Fireworks  was a heavy nod to Aerith’s theme.  One could hear the lighthearted adventures that the party went on while every now and again making sure the listeners did not forget that this would soon come to an end. Towards the end of this movement things start to really pick up in this movement as the sense of dread starts to kick in.  The listeners could tell something horrible has or is going to happen.  The 3rd Movement: The Planets Crisis started with Cosmo Canyon, what surprised me the most was that the Cellist and Bassist  in the orchestra were  beating their instruments with their hands to produce a more genuine beat and sound. It was an effective and neat trick because it made the rhythm feel more authentic to what Cosmo Canyon represented which is a Native American feel.  After this though the feeling that the end was near returned. I mean it was concert wise as well but similar the starting the 3rd disc. All the emotions were building and then they played “Absolute JENOVA”. A song that  this song in a long time but can I just say when I heard this song I forgot how amazing it was and it sounded beautiful.

Overall The Final Symphony Concert was and is my 2nd favorite favorite concert. It was beautifully composed and effectively told the stories of FFVI, VII, and X. I am always looking forward to these types of concerts and so far Final Fantasy has always been my top favorites.


P.S. This is a bit rushed as I wanted to publish this article today and I apologize for barely glazing over FFVI and FFX. I will go back and fill those out. In the meantime please enjoy the music below.