Ep 71 Stardust crusaders

This week on around the geek we bring back the otaku spot in a whole new way.


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  • Pokemon omega ruby
  • Batman arkham knight
  • Food wars



  • Fire Emblem Awakening



  • God of Cookery
  • Expendables 3
  • Batman Arkham Asylum
  • final fantsy xiv heavensward


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Comic corner


Otaku Spot – Stardust Crusaders



-Avdol – Magician’s Red

-Noriaki Kakyoin – hierophant Green

-Jean Polnareff – Silver Chariot

-Dark Blue Moon stand like -creature from the black lagoon

-orangutan -Strength — stand was the boat

-Soul sacrificed – Ebony Devil – makes opponent attack him then uses doll to inflict damage

-rubber soul – yellow temperance – disguises himself as kakoyin to fight jotaro. stand devours flesh9

-hol horse- Emperor- stand is a revolver

-J. Geil – Hanged Man – Uses reflective surfaces to attack

-Nena – Empress- coming in contact with her blood adds bump like body to victims body

-ZZ – Wheel of Fortune – Car Stand

-Enyaba – Justice – Takes control of people using mist that enters open cuts

-Steely Dan – Lovers – uses bug that enters jotaro’s ear

-no name- The Sun- Controls heat

-baby- Death – Enters people’s dreams to kill them

-Cameo- Judgement- Genie like stand

-Midler/Rose – High Priestess – stand attacks on submarine. take the form of anything using metal and minerals

Egyptian Gods

-N’Doul – Geb – blind user who uses sensitive hearing to attack opponents

-Oingo and Boingo – Khnum and Thoth – Brothers

-Anubis – Stand is the user contained in sword

-Mariah – Bastet – Uses electrical socket to shock opponent which magnitizes them

– Alessi – Sethan – Causes user that step on shadow to become younger

-D’Arby – Osiris – Fights using gamling

-Pet Shop- Horus – Falcon that attacks Iggy

-Telence T.D’Arby – Atum – Gaming

Dio Mansion

-Cool Ice- Cream- uses void space

-Kenny G – Tenore Sax – Creates Maze

-Nukesaku – grows womans face on back of his head

– DIOOOOOOOOOOOOO- The World – similar to star platinum