Ep 45 So You Say You Want to Cosplay

This week on Around The Geek we have a  special guest with us Cosplay specialist Kyle as we talk about Sony working on the Last Guardian, Microsoft coming out with a Windows 10, Naruto ending in 5 weeks, Game Fuel coming back, Rush Hour TV show and more. All new Comic Corner and questions with the main topic of this weeks show talking about Cosplay, how to do it, when to do it and jut doing it.




pacon0892 – 5 stars – good game talks

good chatter, reminds me of the type of conversations i have with my buddies.





  • shadows of mordor
  • super smash brothers 3ds
  • Disney marvel infifnty
  • Hyrule warriors
  • World trigger



  • shadows of mordor
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Destiny


  • super smash brothers 3ds
  • Destiny
  • FFXIV a realm reborn






Comic corner



  • Anthony – Knowing what you know now – what would you do if you woke up in the Marvel Comic book Universe (Earth-616)
  • Andrew – I would like to hear your guys views on the documentary called “ I know that voice” on Netflix then discuss who you think the best voice actors are.
  • Warren-  Play any instrument or know every every language?’
  • Terrell- Who is your favorite one piece villain and why?
  • KYLE-  What do you think of video games like Blazblue or Persona that get a followup anime?



Main Topic : Cosplay!!!