Ep. 36 Kung Fu Treachery

This week on Around the Geek the guys talk about Destiny Ghost edition pre-orders being cancelled, Sony still feeling the pain of hacking from 2011, Firefly cast reunites, Legend of Korra going to digital and more. All new Comic Corner where we discuss some breaking news from SDCC. This weeks main topic we talk about kung fu and everything related to it from movies to TV.




Around the geek docket  

Watch/Play Eric

  • Tales of Xillia
  • Kung Fu Movies (Chocolate, Badges of Fury, The Sorcerer and the White Snake, The Raid, Special ID, This Girl Is Badass)
  • JoJo, Persona, Sword Art Online 2


  • Rise of the planet of the planet of the apes
  • sword art online 2
  • persona 4 golden
  • Hercules


  • fate/zero
  • league of legends,
  • journey to the west(2013)
  • lost saga
  • Kung fu (spotlighting gordon liu, sammo hung, donnie yen)
  • pokemon
  • gareth edwards


Comic corner

  Questions: Do you think deadpool is overrated? i’m reading some comics of his at the moment and I do not get the draw, part of it is that healing factor heros in general annoy me, get shot in the face or exploded and are alive 20 mins later… dumb Main topic: KUNG FUUUUUUUUUUU