Ep 32 Around The Geek VS The World

This week on around the geek the guys talk about the PlayStation now beta for Sony TVs starts June 30th, Hyrule Warriors getting DLC in Japan, games for gold for Xbox in July, Pacific Rim 2 announced, Doctor Who is coming back, Star Wars movie is being delayed and more. The Comic Corner is all new this week with fresh news and discussions. This weeks main Topic we get into one of the best movies, Scott Pilgrim vs The World as the main topic.







  • Edge of tomorrow
  • Transformers edge of extinction
  • Lupin the third
  • Resogun


  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • UFC
  • Devil Summoner
  • Close to the end of Game of Thrones Book
  • Castlevania lords of shadow



Comic corner

  • Beware the batman final episodes coming to blu-ray
  • x-men no more humans trailer.
  • you can get an early 15 minute look at guardians of the galaxy in imax theatres.
  • you can buy a creepy collectors edition of amazing spider man 2.
  • New dead pool zen pinball table is out and nolan north is back.
  • new comics for the week
  • Comic discussion

Topic/Otaku Spot


Scott PIlgrim