Ep 31 Batman, Batman, and more Batman

This weeks episode the guys about prices of Playstation Now, Nintendo losing money, worlds biggest video game collection, EA making Titanfall free for 48 hours, iPhone kill switch and more. This weeks Comic Corner is all new. There is no main topic or Otaku Spot this week.



Around the geek dockett 31



Jay B Rockn 5 stars – Whether it be games, tech, movies, comics and so much more. it is the highlight of my week to listen to your informative and entertaining podcast.





Game of thrones


Pokemon y

Ultra street fighter 4

Final fantasy a realm reborn

Fairy tale

Destiny alpha





Game of thrones

Ultra Street fighter 4


Watch Dogs

Persona 4 Arena





Comic corner


  • Rosario Dawson joins the cast of the upcoming netflix daredevil.
  • New Extended trailer For guardians is out and it looks good.
  • Could the newest dc universe crisis lead to another reboot.
  • Marvel is considering doing a new hulk movie with mark ruffalo.
  • ultimate spider-man cartoon will have all the spiderman incarnations for a special episode.
  • Jason momoa will be playing aquaman in the upcoming batman/superman movie.
  • Disney infinity ¬†shows off the spiderman play set
  • Comics pick up of the week
  • Comic Discussion