Donald Glover will finally get to play spider-man



Back when Donald Glover aka childish Gambino was still on community, fans took that pretty seriously and launched a social media campaign with a Donald for spider-man hash tag. but as we all know the role of spider-man eventually went to Andrew Garfield.

But now, several years later, Glover is finally getting getting his chance to play Spidey. It’s on the small screen, and in a cartoon, but still! This is great news.

According to USA Today, Glover will voice half-Hispanic, half-black Spider-Man alter-ego Miles Morales on an episode of Disney XD’s animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. The character made his comic-book debut back in 2011 after writer Brian Michael Bendis was inspired by the #donald4spiderman campaign.

This is exactly the right step we need to be taking to getting a ultimate spider-man cartoon with miles Morales on the air.

Spider-man_NU (1)

Source: time