Injection Issue #1

Injection, written by Mike Schroeder,  is about a guy by the name of Jinn that has access to an assortment of Injections that grant him different super human abilities. Jinn is currently a member of Syntech, a group that I am assuming creates these super power Injections and gives them to their agents so that they can complete missions. 

A super powered agent named Jinn is sent to the Middle East to hunt down a defector but quickly finds himself the one being hunted.


Issue #1 starts with Jinn entering a city in the Ruins of Dubai searching for another Syntech member whom has gone rouge. Out of fear the in town authorities try to dispatch Jinn. You quickly find out that even without Injections he is a strong individual as he takes out a group of norms without a problem. After explaining that he is only here to search for the member that defected from Syntech the Sultan approves and allows him to carry on. After a sudden explosion in the town Jinn goes to check it out and finds himself being ambushed by the rouge member and the climax of this issue begins. During this fight the defector tells Jinn some tips which gives some insight for what’s to come.


The first issue of Injection gives you a start to what could be a pretty awesome story. Anyone who has played Bioshock knows that when you grant someone the ability to inject themselves with powers the combinations can be amazing. In this issue we are only given a look at thermal vision, electric, earth control, and fire but the possibilities are endless. During the fight with the defector Jinn is clearly channeling the powers through the use of his sword which is pretty awesome in my eyes. Seeing how strong Jinn and the defector is it will be interesting to see what the other Injection users are capable of. After hearing what the defector had to say I’m sure there will be more super powered battles down the road.

Now, Injection is not only a comic but a motion comic as well. I had the pleasure of being able to enjoy both of them. The motion comic is voiced and brings what you would read in the comic out a little more. The voice acting isn’t amazing but tolerable and the artwork between the film and the comic are identical so if you like how the comic looks why not check out the film as well. I can say I did enjoy the artwork as well as the detail in the coloring used for each panel. Even just in the comic it’s almost like the picture is coming out at you.

Where to Get It

               At the moment you could possibly purchase a limited edition copy of issue number one if you email Other than that more information should be coming soon around November 1st as the creators have more exciting content coming for the series. Make sure to keep updated by following them on Facebook at You can also find them on twitter @InjectionFilm to keep up with any new updates.

2 thoughts on “Injection Issue #1”

  1. Awesome! Both the graphic novel and the short film are a must see, and leave us wanting more! This is going to be an amazing series, and kudos go to the writer and the art team for introducing it so well.

  2. Now that is some serious graphic illustrations, can’t wait to see the next issue. You have started up the ladder to success, keep on climbing Mike,,,, we know you will be at the top very soon. ” GREAT JOB ) XOXO

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