Hercules (2014) movie review



Hercules, the well known demigod, not the Disney version, is given a new perspective after the classic story is revisited. After enduring his twelve legendary labors, Hercules and his group of mercenaries are sought out by the king of Thrace, to help defeat a terrible warlord that has been terrorizing villages . The king tells Hercules he will pay his weight in gold, if he can train his army of farmers for war; however, while training Hercules is struggling to deal with his haunted past.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has played the best version of Hercules so far. The Rock is not the greatest actor in the  world, but he owned the role of Hercules. There are scenes in the movie, where his past profession as a wrestler shows thru; however, viewers still receive The Rock experience that given in Fast 6. Atalanta(Ingrid Bolso Berdal) when introduced initially seems to be either a Xena Warrior Princess or Wonder Woman character, however, the actress holds her own among the group and ended up a likable characters.

Iolaus,  who plays Hercules’s nephew, makes no sense in the movie, and the actor who plays him, Reece Ritchie,  is terrible. The character’s role is spreading the name of Hercules, which could have easily been cut from the movie and not missed.

The special effects of this movie were not bad, but not great either. During one scene, Hercules fights a wild boar, and it becomes painfully apparent the scene was meant to be in 3D. The hydra didn’t look that good either, the scene was so blurry that you could not see what he was fighting.

The Rock was easily the best Hercules to date. The fight scenes were very well done and didn’t look too  corny. The movie didn’t take itself too seriously working in humor to keep the mood light.

Sadly there were not that many scenes in the movie that demonstrated Hercules’s super strength. This is mainly because most of the movie they make him seem more of a myth than real. Where are the gods? The movie didn’t show anybody, from Zeus to Hera. I was expecting this movie to have Hercules battling gods and demons but it didn’t. It was really disappointing to see him only fighting humans, which didn’t give any challenge at all.

Overall Hercules was good, not great. The lack of super powered fights in this movie really killed it for me. The trailers advertised something that viewers were not given. Overall, Hercules did his thing as a mercenary, a character that I liked by the end of the movie. Honestly, I was expecting this to be complete garbage, but it was better than expected. Hercules gets a 3 out of 5 from Terrell of Around The Geek.