Gideon and Sebastian Review

Gideon & Sebastian Predators & Prey is a comic book produced under PLB comics. The characters were created by Mathew Shockley and Karlton Anthony Hargrove. I met these guys during the annual comic book day in May and they were really cool. I was kind of reluctant in picking up their comic but as soon as I held it I could just tell this was going to be a good read and I was not disappointed.

To start off Gideon & Sebastian are vampire hunters.  These two have a chemistry that you can feel when reading the various short stories within. Each short story is penned by a different artist each with their own different feel and story attached. Some stories are all dialog and others have some pretty interesting action blocks. My personal favorite action story so far is Incident Report 1098 in Issue 3. Without explaining too much, it just starts off with some dialog and then straight action.  It caught me off guard because I was not expecting to see a story that reminded of badass FBI agents. Ironically, it actually does not involve Gideon & Sebastian. My personal favorite overall story is the Himalayas, which is written by Mathew Shockley, because it shows the witty banter between the two main characters and throws in some action while continuing the banter as if they are almost having fun, well Sebastian is anyway.

Overall Gideon & Sebastian are very good reads. Also because there are various artists I do run across a few that I don’t like and that is to be expected but I do not skip over them. They have the ability to change the story into a direction that I personally am fond of.  I would also like to thank the writers of Gideon & Sebastian for personally allowing us to write a review of their comic.  Go to or to learn more about the artists and the comic itself and how to get your hands on it.