Ray Chase Otakon 2018 interview

Ray Chase is an American actor who has voiced in cartoons, anime, video games and audio books. His best known role is the main character Noctis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV. He is also known for his voice performances as Eve from Nier: Automata, Artorius Collbrande from Tales of Berseria and Yu Otosaka from Charlotte.


Johnny Yong Bosch Otakon 2018 Interview

Join us as we got the opportunity to do a interview with Johnny Yong Bosch at Otakon 2018 and talk about everything from fried chicken to Pokemon go.

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Cherami Leigh Otakon 2018 Interview

Listen as we interview  Cherami Leigh at otakon 2018, you may know her  voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime series and video games with FunimationBang Zoom! Entertainment, and Studiopolis. Some of her major roles are: Sae Kashiwagi in Peach GirlCecily Campbell in The Sacred BlacksmithTamaki Kawazoe in Bamboo BladePatty Thompson in Soul EaterLucy Heartfilia in Fairy TailAsuna Yuuki in Sword Art OnlineIris Heart from the Hyperdimension Neptuniaseries, and Sailor Venus in the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon.


Ep 138 Otakon 2018 Review

Welcome back as me and Nagier from the Big Gold belt podcast give you the run down to Otakon this past weekend for all 3 days of the con and what we had a opportunity to do while we were there. Enjoy


Amv finalist interview with Percy and Alex

We interview the finalist Percy and Alex in the amv contest 2017

alexmichur00-something to tell you-roller coaster by bleachers- your lie in April.

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Michelle Ruff- Otakon interview

Join us as we sit down with the lovely Michelle Ruff at Otakon 2017 and have one of the most glorious interviews ever.


Otakon 2017 AMV Contest Winners & Runner Ups

1. King Redeem- Dragon Maids- dragon tales (tv opening) by PBS

2. Kireblue & Serenity AMV- Nerve Gear Online- Nerve (Sword Art Online)

1. vivifx- Frigid Fury- Bet on it by Zach Efron – yuri on ice
*Not Posted*

2 .Emberfoz- I’ll Be Good by James Young- Koe No Katachi (A silent voice)

1. Amethystrarity- Karasu ni Houou- The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy- Haikyuu!!

2. Allegoriest- Run Mob Run- Run Boy Run by Woodkid- Mob Psycho

1. PIxel Blended Studios(Xophilarus)- Empty Spaces- World of One by Hana Pestle- Koe no Katachi ( A Silent Voice)

2.dreaconclusion-D’awww Wagon- You’re My Best Friend by Queen- Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

1.Tigrin- A Sporting Chance- Could Have Been Me by The Struts-various

2.Pantsu of doom- our time- shooting star by owl city- various
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ficdfzKHHU (Couldn’t Embed)

1.Studio Hawk- WWJD?-wwjd? By the Axis of Awesome-various

2.Antaresheart07-Anime MasterChef- Napal Baji by Psy- various

Best in Show
Drabaz- Dance! Dance!- Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake- Dragonball

Kyle Hebert-Otakon 2017 interview

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Kyle Hebert has blessed us with some of the best voice acting over the years, now join us for this interview as we do one of the best interviews ever.


Otakon 2016 Chairman Interviews

At Otakon 2016 we interviewed the Vice-Chair and Ex-Chair of Otakon and talked about Otakon’s time in Baltimore and what’s to come in just a few months when Otakon moves to Washington D.C. to a bigger Convention Center. Have a listen, and enjoy!




Otakon Panel #1: Toonami

The first Panel I went to at Otakon was titled Toonami: Celebrating 20 Years of being A Golden Generation. For those that do not know Toonami is an animation block on Cartoon Network that currently airs on Saturday night from Midnight to 6am. This panel explains the history of this program and for many of us various fond memories which this article will mostly be about. Continue reading Otakon Panel #1: Toonami