Batman assault on Arkham movie review (2014)



Finally we get to see something adapted from a video game done well. Batman Assault on Arkham is the animated movie that viewers have been waiting for from dc comics animation.

Based on the amazing Arkham video game series, Amanda Waller calls the suicide squad; Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Black spider, King Shark, and Killer Frost, together to break into Arkham Asylum, and recover top secret information from the Riddler. Harley ends up freeing the Joker, who continues his plans to cause mayhem, causing Batman to step in.

Kevin Conroy once again reprises his role as the dark knight, and knocks it out of the park. Every time he plays Batman it gives me chills. Troy Baker, who plays Joel from the Last of Us and Booker Dewitt from Bioshock: Infinite, plays the Joker doing an excellent job portraying the clown prince of crime. I may go as far to say his Joker is even better than Mark Hamill’s, who played the original 90’s animated series version. Every cast member that was picked for this movie works very well together for this ensemble roll.

The movie does a really good job of taking elements from the game and making it into its own original movie. I really liked how each character was unique in terms of voice and really stood out as its own entity. Though this is a Batman movie, the villains easily stand out as the most likable characters. The fights are fantastic, keeping viewers entertained all the way thru. Batman outsmarting the bad guys is always the highlight.

These movies are never long enough for me. The 76 min run time just kept me wanting more. I really wish that there was more Batman on screen, but I know this is necessary to set up the oceans eleven suicide squad story.

After watching this movie, I really got upset that rocksteady has delayed their upcoming arkham knight video game. This movie is easily one of the best in the dc animated library. The story and animation are some of the best done so far, and continues to get better with each movie. The voice acting is excellent, and I can’t think of a better cast for another animation project. If you like the arkham games, or dcs animated movies, then look no further. This is easily one of my favorite animated films from dc animation, and Terrell of Around the Geek gives Assault on Arkham a  4 out of 5.