ATG Ep 17 There’s a Snake In My Boot



In this episode the guys talk about the announcement of the upcoming batman game coming out, Sony changing the PS3 box art, Jack Tretton stepping down as CEO, man in prison for shipping guns in 360 cases, Spider-Man Doc Ock era coming to an end, comic reviews and more. this weeks main topic we talk about the one of the greatest series of games, Metal Gear.


Justice League war review


If you are a fan of the DC animated movie franchise, which produced films such as, Batman Under the Red Hood, Superman vs the Elite, and Justice League Flashpoint, then you have turned to the right movie review. DC Comics does not disappoint, with yet another strong title in their animated movie department. Justice League War is the animated retelling of the six issue run of the new 52 justice League Comic. The comic, which came out in 2011, reintroduces original members such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Shazam, in a new modern day setting, complete with new costumes. Continue reading Justice League war review

Ep 16 Aiming for the Number One Headband


This time the guys talk about Pokemon on twitch, Pokemon on Netflix, a new Matrix trilogy in the works, Nintendo offering  a free Pokemon X or Y, new games on PS plus, a Minecraft movie being made and more plus the comic corner. This weeks Otaku Spot we talk about the legendary Afro samurai.


Robocop movie Review



Let me start this review off by saying, if you liked the original Robocop movie, than you need to stop reading this review right now. This is not the same movie that you saw over twenty-six years ago. There are a lot of differences from the original. If you do not fit into the before-mentioned group, then welcome to the Around the Geek official Robocop review

“Robocop begins with the loaded question of ‘Why is America so robophobic?’ This launches the prime directive of the movie; the battle of mechanized law enforcement.” This latest reboot is pretty much the same as the last, a powerful multinational conglomerate Omicorp, needs to bring robotic law enforcement to the United States, by transforming a critically injured police officer into a cyborg cop. Continue reading Robocop movie Review

Ep 15 Around the Geek Gets Imported




In this episode we have special guest Eric filling in as the guys talk about new upcoming releases, discussion of comics through the comic corner and the main topic of the week is imports, movies ,TV , games  we talk about it all.


Fantastic 4 cast revealed


It has been revealed who the new cast of actors will be that will be playing the respective roles of the fantastic 4 will be, miles teller (divergent), Kate Mara  (house of cards), Micheal b Jordan (chronicle), and Jamie bell as the thing.  we all knew this was in the works for a long time but now we have faces to go with the story. this fantastic reboot will open in theaters June 19 2015.


Ep. 14 We Shall Pierce The Heavens

On this episode Terrell and Warren are joined by Eric to talk about the Titanfall beta, more Nintendo, South Park Stick of Truth, Beware the Batman, Superior spiderman, and more. This week on Otaku Spot features the heavy hitting anime, Gurren Lagann.


Ep 13 Everything Is Awesome



In this episode the guys talk about the Titanfall delay, Sonic Boom, Xbox One updates, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros, Lego Movie, Dice Awards and More. Today’s episode includes  Terrell’s comic corner and a Main Topic in which the guys discusses Final Fantasy.



Ep. 12 Presenting the Playtendo



In this episode the guys talk about new PS Plus releases, PS Vita Slim, Nintendo Investor meeting, Xbox info leaks, X-men Days of Future Past, Justice league war and more.  In the Otaku Spot the guys talk about the classic anime movie, Akira.